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Belt Press Dewatering Belts

Woven Filtration Belts

ASTENJOHNSON woven filtration belts meet the world’s most demanding filtration and process requirements. Robust and mechanically stable for easy maintenance, they guarantee resistance to abrasion and chemical attack on all machine types and models.

ASTENJOHNSON Woven Filtration Belts provide:

  • Predictable solids delivery
  • Excellent cake release
  • A variety of widths of all sizes, with clipper, pin and endless woven seams

Spiral Belts

ASTENJOHNSON Spiral Filtration Belts are easy to fit, simple to clean and remain stable even after long running times for hassle-free operation. Their invisible seam, made of spiral loops, offers the same strength as the belt itself, and their large contact surface improves drying efficiency.

ASTENJOHNSON Spiral Belts features include:

  • Durability
  • Smoothness and good cake release
  • Supplied in sizes up to 10 meters wide
  • Filled or unfilled to achieve differing filtration characteristics
  • Sealed edges for lasting, economical solutions
  • Elimination of the mechanical clipper seam
  • Proprietary 
  • Polyurethane edges
  • Multiple monofilament styles with small to large aperture 
  • 300-900 CFM

Represented Companies


Paper Machine Clothings - Forming Fabrics, Press Felts & Drying Fabrics

ASTENJOHNSON Advanced Fabrics

Nonwoven Belts, Belt Solutions for Filtration Units


Doctoring Systems, Doctor Blades


Metering Rods, Coating Rods, Rod Holders, Mayer Coating Rods


Strecting, Guiding, Tail Cutting Systems & Other Components


Machinery & Plants for Paper Industry, Water Treatment Systems


Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Complete Vacuum Systems 

KWI International

Flotation Units

SP Industries Co.

Maintenance, Cleaning and TFE Applications to PM Units & Components.