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The ST Macchine trademark distinguishes a highly advanced manufacturer of machinery and plants for the paper making, chemical and food industries. In more than four decades of activity, ST Macchine has achieved an enviable success, taking advantage of the competence and professional skill of its technicians and staff, providing the customer with utmost quality and product reliability. These important features, together with our rational cost-containment strategies, explain why ST Macchine customers are among the most important operators in our three main business areas. Ongoing production improvement, the optimization and rational utilization of leading-edge technology, place ST Macchine in a position to manage the entire work cycle: from the designing to the supply and installation of the machinery, offering customers valuable consultancy and efficient after-sales service. Global control of designing, production and after-sales service gives our operations the flexibility they need and create the essential condition for a complete customer satisfaction, which is, after all, the primary objective of all our business relations